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Lloyd’s provides customized services in the food industry.


Providing a multiple unit retailer or franchise operation can meet the annual frozen dessert mix purchase volume requirement, 100,000 gallons, a custom formulation can be developed to meet specific marketing goals. Custom packaging is included in the program. The process follows the guidelines below:

If you are interested in a custom mix, please contact Andy at lloydsofpa@aol.com or (443) 532-3240.

Experience the difference by choosing one of Lloyds of Pennsylvania’s high quality frozen dessert mixes.  Using our extensive research and product development experience, our dairy mixes have extraordinary advantages over other mix products. Lloyd’s carries many stock mixes such as ice cream mix, frozen custard mix and all natural mixes. We also develop proprietary and custom mix formulations specific to your needs.

10% MIX

Lloyd's Stock Frozen Dessert Mixes


Meet to determine/identify needs and requirements

Develop formulation to meet requirements

Provide multiple laboratory mix prototypes to demonstrate end result

Make final formula adjustments

Provide 1 trial production run
​(300 gallons)

11% MIX

14% MIX

Lloyds of Pennsylvania Frozen Custard Mix

High value mix designed for use in a continuous frozen dessert machine with high overrun, resulting in reduced unit cost.



Frozen Dessert Mixes


Custom Mixes